Trust Bank Mobile Money

Trust Bank Mobile Money

Trust Bank Mobile Money is a prepaid account facility where Customer can do transactions from anywhere through mobile phone with 24 hours banking facility.
Customer will be able to fund Transfer, Deposit and Withdraw money from the accredited Pay-points by using Mobile. Customers also will be able to send remittance faster to the remote place of Bangladesh by availing this product.


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Features of Trust Bank Mobile Money

  • A Bank led model for the Banked and un-Banked citizen of Bangladesh
  • Mobile Banking Service over SMS: The service is available on all mobile phone operators. You can send keywords as SMS to 16201(Short Code except GrameenPhone) 03590016201(Long Code for all operators). Minimum SMS charge is applicable.

    Mobile Banking Service over USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data):
    The service is available on all phones except CDMA phones. Subscribers have to dial *201# (For Robi user Only) and 09678916201 (Other User) to avail the service.

  • Cash Deposit, Withdrawals & Fund Transfer facilities.
  • Any registered subscriber can avail the service through mobile.
  • Real time updates balance of the account.
  • All transactions are secured as they pass directly through Bank Accounts.
  • Every transaction has been verified by user provided PIN & mobile no.
  • Convenient, Reliable & Fast Electronic Fund Transfer and Payment System.
  • Accommodate Multibank and Multi-Electronic Communication Channels.
  • The solution is technically capable of interoperating with the Bangladesh National payment System.
  • Very Affordable, widely Available throughout the Country.
  • Simple Account Opening & Operation Process just by using a Mobile Phone or Internet.
  • All the customers’ account lies with the Bank since it is a bank led model.
  • TBMM is device independent, supported on ALL cell phones from low to high-end.
  • Open ended solution where smart card and other transactional instrument can be integrated.
  • Interest is provided at the rate of Savings Account in TBMM
  • Act as settlement bank in case of multibank mobile payment platform


Service Available

  • Branch: All Branches & SME centers of Trust Bank.
  • Paypoint: All TBL accredited PayPoints.
  • Merchant: Shurjomukhi, Arena, Cadet College, Amar Desh Amar Gram, Bangladesh Army etc.

TBMM services can be access through:

  • Mobile
  • Internet

General Services of TBMM:

  • Account Registration
  • Cash Deposit & Withdraw
  • Account to Account Money Transfer (P2P)
  • Person to Business Payment (P2B)
  • Business to person payments (B2P)
  • Government to Person Payments (G2P)
  • Bangladesh Navy Recruitment Fees (BNRF) payment
  • Foreign Remittance through TBMM Account
  • Passport fees payment
  • Cadet College admission & tution fees
  • Bangladesh ARMY recruitment fees
  • Online Laptop/Notebook purchase
  • Utility Bill Payment
    • TopUp (Airtime recharge)
    • DESCO Bill Payment
    • Metlife Alico Insurance premium payment
    • Meghna Life insurance Company
    • Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited
    • DPDC Bill Payment
  • School Banking:
    • RUMC (Rajuk Uttara Model College)
    • BUP (Bangladesh University of Professional)
    • MIST (Military Institute of Science and Technology)
    • ACC (Adamjee Cant. College)
    • SAGC (Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls College)
    • RCPSC (Rajshahi Cantonment Public School & College)
    • CPSCR (Cantonment Public School and College Rangpur)
    • AIMS(Adventist International Mission School)
    • ABN (Adorsha Biddha Niketon)
  • Balance Inquiry
  • PIN Change
  • Transaction History

Registration Process

Registration Process

  • Customer comes to Branch / Paypoint
  • Customer fill up the TBMM registration & KYC form (Mandatory)
  • Submit the filled forms to the designated branch / Paypoint personnel
  • The authorized branch/PayPoint personnel will check all the information & supporting documents to ensure these are properly given.
  • The authorized branch/PayPoint personnel will give entry to the Mobile Banking application through Mobile or Internet
  • Customer will receive a registration confirmation SMS
  • Customer has to send an SMS to activate his TBMM account
  • After activation customer will get a 4-digit PIN number
  • Customer will preserve his/her PIN number


Requirements Documents for openning user account:

  • 01 copy passport size of recent passport size photograph
  • Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport / National I.D. Card/ Driving License/ Birth Certificate
  • 01 copy passport size photograph of each nominee(s) (signature attested by the account holder)
  • Photocopy of SIM registration form (optional)

SMS Format

SMS Format

Account to Account Fund Transfer

TrustMM<space>PAY<space>{Recipient’s Phone}<space>{Amount}<space>{PIN}<space>{Purpose} <send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example:TrustMM PAY 88016719XXXXX 100 1234 House Rent<Send to: 16201 or 03590016201>

Balance Enquiry

TrustMM<space>BAL<space>PIN<send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example:TrustMM BAL PIN<Send to: 16201 or 03590016201>

Change Pin Number 

TrustMM<space>CP<space>{Old PIN} <space>{New PIN}<send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example:TrustMM CP 1234 4321<Send to: 16201 or 03590016201>

Transaction History (Last Five Transaction)

TrustMM<space>HIST<space>PIN<send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example of history: Last 5 Tx: Paid Tk.1780.00-88016786XXXXX Recd Tk.300.00-88016725XXXXX Recd Tk. 281.00-88017246XXXXX Recd Tk. 200.00-880172464XXXX
Recd Tk.1000.00-880172464XXXX Bal: Tk.1

TopUp (Purchase Talk Time or Bill Payment of any Mobile Operator)

TrustMM<space>TOPUP<space>{Recipient’s Phone No}<space>{Amount}<space>{PIN}<space>{PO/PR} <Send to: 16201 or 03590016201>
NB: PO for Post Paid Connection, PR for Pre Paid Connection
Example: TrustMM TOPUP 8801XXXXXXXXX 100 5678 PR <Send to: 16201 or 03590016201>

Note: For Prepaid User Minimum TK 20 Maximum TK 1000
          For Postpaid User Minimum TK 50 Maximum TK 5000

How to Pay MetLife Alico Premium

TrustMM<Space>MA<space>{Insurance Premium Number}<space>{Amount}<space>{PIN}<space>{Recipient’s Mobile No}<Send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example:  TrustMM MA 8794562 5000 1234 880XXXXXXXXXXX<16201 or 03590016201>                  
                 *{Recipient Mobile No} is optional which will be used to notify the insurance holder to who dosen’t have any Trust Bank Mobile Money Account.After successful transaction the customer will receive following sms: “An amount of 5000 TK. has been paid to MetLife Alico  for policy number 8794562 on 20 Oct 2012. Your Current Balance: TK 184.”

How to Pay Meghna Life Insurance Premium Payment

Through Trust Bank Branch and Pay Point:

Customer will provide Insurance Premium Number, Amount and Phone No of the Policy Holder. Customer must write down the said information in the prescribed deposit slip if they go to bank and in log register for pay point.

Through Trust Bank Mobile Money Account:

SMS Format:

TrustMM<Space>MIL<space>{Insurance Premium No.}<space>{Amount}<space>{PIN}<space>{Recipient’s Mobile No}<Send to 03590016201>

Example:  TrustMM MIL 8794562 5000 1234 880XXXXXXXXXXX<03590016201>                  

*Recipients Phone Number must be written with 88 at first

USSD Format:
Utility (Meghna Life Insurance Premium):
• First enter into USSD menu.
• Type 6 and send for getting Utility Bill Payment.
• Type 5 and send for getting Meghna Life.
• Type Meghana Life Insurance premium No, Amount, PIN No, and Policy holder Mobile No.


How to Pay Prime Islami Life Insurance Premium Payment

SMS Format:

TrustMM<space>PILIL<space>policy no.<space>Amount<space>PIN<space>Notification Receipient Mobile No(880xxxxxxxxxx)<send to 03590016201>

USSD Format:

1. Dial 09678916201

2.Type 4 and  send for getting Utility Bill Payment

3. Type 6 and send for getting Prime Islami Life Insurance

4.Type Prime Islami Life Insurance Policy Number, Amount, PIN No, and Policy holder Mobile No.

How to Pay NAVY Sailor/Officer Recruitment Fees through Trust Bank Mobile Money

Go to your message option from your mobile phone and type
TrustMM<space>BNRF<space>{S/O}<space>{PIN}<space> {Notification Number}<send to 16201 or 03590016201>

  • S-Sailor, O-officer
  • Notification Number- Any valid mobile number (number must be started with +8801xxxxxxxxx)

How to Pay DESCO Bill

TrustMM<Space>DESCO<space>{Bill No}<space>{PIN}<space>{Notification Mobile No}<Send to 16201 or 03590016201>
Example:  TrustMM DESCO 0110000134 1234 880XXXXXXXXXXX<16201 or 03590016201>                  
                 *{Notification Mobile No} is optional. It will be used to send bill payment confirmation notification.

Passport Bill Payment SMS Format:

TrustMM<space>DIP<space>{Amount}<space>{PIN}<space>{Name}<space>{Email}<space>{Notification Mobile No.} <Send to 16201 or 03590016201>

How to Pay DPDC Bill

TrustMM<Space>DPDC<space>{Customer No}<space>{Location Code}<space>{Bill Month}<space>{Pin}<space>{Notification Mobile No}<Send to 03590016201>
Example:  TrustMM DPDC 17694086 C3 201411 12345 880XXXXXXXXXXX< send to 03590016201>                  

How to Pay  School/College Tution Fees

-Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls College(SAGC)
TrustMM<space>SAGC <space>Student ID<space>Amount<space>Pin<space>StudentName<space>Guardian MobileNo<Send to 16201 or 03590016201>
* Grameen Phone User Send 03590016201

Example : TrustMM SAGC 23XXXX 450 1234 ABC 880178XXXXXXX

-Rajuk Uttara Model College (RUMC)

TrustMM<space>RUMC <space>Reference ID<space> Pin <space> Student Short Name <Send to 16201 or 03590016201>

-Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

TrustMM<Space>MIST<space>{Reference Number} <space>{No of Month} <space>{PIN}<space>{Short Name} <space>{Notification Mobile No}<Send to 16201 or 03590016201>

Example: TrustMM MIST MIST1021001 3 5678 imran 8801XXXXXXXX <Send to 16201 or 03590016201>

-Cantonment Public School and College Rangpur (CPSCR)

TrustMM<space>CPSCR<space>Student ID<space>Amount<space>PIN<space>Student short Name<space>Notification Mobile No<send  to 16201> Grameen Phone User Send 03590016201

Example: TrustMM CPSCR 23XXXX 450 1234 ABC 8801715XXXXXX

-Rajshahi Cantt Public School & College (RCPSC)

TrustMM<space> RCPSC <space>{Reference Number}<space>{No of Month}<space>{PIN}<space>{Short Name}<send to 03590016201>

Example: TrustMM RCPSC RAJCPSC1021001 3 5678 imran 8801XXXXXXXX  <send to 03590016201>

-Adarsha Bidya Niketon (ABN)

TrustMM<space> ABN <space>Student ID<space>Amount<space>PIN<space>Student short Name<space>Notification Mobile No<send to 16201> Grameen Phone User Send 03590016201


Note: Grameen Phone User will send sms to 03590016201 instead of 16201. Other mobile operator users can send SMS to 03590016201 or 16201


Fees and structure of different services of Trust Bank Mobile Money:


Revenue/Fees Structure

Bear By

Account open fee at Branch



Cash in & out fee at Branch



Account open fee at Paypoint/Agent

Tk. 10.00


Cash in fee at Paypoint/Agent

0.50% of the transacted amount or tk. 5 which one is higher


Cash out fee at Paypoint/Agent

1%  of the transacted amount or tk. 5 which one is higher


Send Money(P2P)

Tk. 5


Disbursement of Govt. Allowance



Airtime Recharge



Merchant Payment

1% of the transacted amount


A/C statement



Balance Inquiry



Password Change



Account Maintenance Charge



DESCO bill payment



Metlife ALICO Insurance Premium



Bangladesh NAVY recruitment



Bangladesh ARMY recruitment

 Tk 5.00


Cadet College Admission Fee

 Tk 5.00


Tuition  Fee (School & College)



The fees and commission structure is excluding VAT. The VAT will be applicable as per VAT act, 1991.

Dealership Application Form

Trust Bank is going to expand its Trust Bank Mobile Banking Agent network across the country to establish strong footprint in the market. Dealer will be recruited District or Upazilla wise for hunting & managing Agent. The Dealer will also be responsible for territory sales to achieve target, Liquidity and KYC Document Management, coordinating with Regional Sales Team of Trust Bank complying the rules and regulations.

Please click the following link for Trust Bank Mobile Banking Dealership Online Application Form:

Dealership Application Form