Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Bank has introduced ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’. ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ is a deposit prepaid account facilities for the Banked and un-Banked citizen of Bangladesh where bank has its branches and accredited Pay Points to provide ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ service.

Customer will be able to Transfer Fund, Deposit and Withdraw money from the branch as well as accredited Pay Points of Bangladesh using Mobile. 

 Any one, age limit 18 years and above with a mobile phone can avail this product. To avail this service prior registration is required.

For smooth and hassle free transaction any where in Bangladesh by using mobile phone SMS & Applet, Web.

 After successful registration ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ can be used from mobile phone using SMS, Applet & Web.

 The primary uses are: cash in, cash out, fund transfer to other account and TopUp.

Mobile Money is a different product of TBL. The nature of this product is little similar with Debit Card. In debit card, cardholder can withdraw money from his/her account from ATM but in-case of Mobile Money cash out is possible from bank branch and accredited Pay Point.  Fund transfer is also possible using ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ which is not possible in debit card. Credit facility is not available in Mobile money so no similarity with credit card.

 Customer can transfer money from one to another ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ account by Using Mobile SMS Applet & Web.

 Yes, the sender and receiver both will get SMS confirmation after successful transaction.

 No but it is mandatory to have a Trust Bank Mobile Money (TBMM) account.

 All types of mobile devices are supported through SMS but Java enable set required for Applet.

 At present our proposed service charges are as follows:

1. Account Registration Fees:
    i) In Branch free
    ii) Accredited Pay Point Tk.  20

2. Transaction Fees:        

     Tk. 10.00 up to Tk. 2000 and Tk. 5 Per Thousand above 2000.
     (In case of cash deposit & withdrawal at Pay-Point)

 All branches of Trust Bank and TBL Accredited Pay Point.

At present fund transfer is only possible among the ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ accounts, i.e. one ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ account to another ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ account. Fund transfer among any other bank account holder is not possible through this service.

 Cash withdrawal and deposit is possible only through Pay Point or bank-branch. Otherwise only fund transfer is possible.

The unique facility is, customer can do banking (deposit, withdrawal, fund transfer, utility bill payment, mobile top up) through his/her registered mobile. Pay Point (as well as bank branch) can be used for customer registration, cash in and cash out. Credit facilities are not given in Mobile Money.

To avail  Trust Bank Mobile Money  facility customer needs to complete registration process. After successful registration customer will be able to avail  Trust Bank Mobile Money  services.

 At present no prepaid card will be given to ‘Trust Bank Mobile Money’ account holder. When the prepaid card will be given it can be used in ATM & POS. 

PIN is required to enter during cash withdrawal and utility payment from a Paypoint or TBL Branch. PIN ensures safety and protects from fraud or duplicate transactions.

PIN is the secured key for transaction of Mobile Banking. Only correct combination of PIN & Mobile Number can access the Mobile Account. PIN is required to verify the TBMM A/C owner by the system. If the PIN is unveiled for the respective account, that account will be in danger, So PIN should be fingered very sensibly.

Mobile number is well-known to people and Organization. But any digit is not known to many. So none will be able to deposit money at your account, accordingly it helps to keep your mobile account confidential. Moreover if  any digit typing mistake or wrong entry, that’s protects sending or depositing money to a wrong account.

Please contact with TBL customer support center or help desk (09678016201).

Yes, age limit is 18 years and above. 

Please contact with TBL customer support center or help desk (09678016201).

If customer does any mistake in writing message which is out of system accepted former then no instruction will be executed by the system. If customer does any mistake in writing to mobile no. or account no. for transferring money then customer will be responsible for this.

This is a bank led model and so this model doesn’t depend on any telco operator. So customer of one telco operator will be able to transfer money to customer of another telco operator. But the mandatory thing is all customers must be “Trust Bank Mobile Money’ registered.

Mobile money concerns regarding SIM number not the mobile set.  Only one SIM can be used for one person.

Regarding Mobile Money customers are advised to contact with TBL helpdesk (09678016201).

No need to register again if the SIM is reissued. But after lost of the set with SIM you should immediately inform to our customer support center (09678016201) to block that account. 

No charges are applicable during any type of fund transfer

Person to person Daily fund transfer limit: TK 10000, Monthly TK 25000. 

GP-01190016201, other operator : 16201

No extra amount will charge but except commission will be deducted from the transacted amount. 

 To open a general user account those should be necessary

a.        Two  Passport size Photo

b.        Any valid ID card (with Picture)

c.        One  Passport size Photo of Nominee

d.        Duly field TBMM A/C Opening form 

 To open a PayPoint account those should be necessary

a.        Two  Passport size Photo

b.        One  Passport size Photo of Nominee

c.        Trade License photocopy/ Valid updated Document issued by legal authority such as Local Commissioner Certificate

d.        Mobile Registration Photocopy

e.        National ID Card / Passport Photocopy

f.         TIN Certificate (Optional)

g.        Initial Deposit (Optional)

h.        Duly field TBMM A/C Opening form

To get web access of TBMM user or paypoint must have their email account and request us to web access. After creating web access of TBMM username & password will send through email provide by the user or PayPoint.

 Paypoint Web user can do the following activities

a.        Create New user under paypoint

b.        Deposit process

c.        Withdrawal process

d.        Fund Transfer

e.        Utility Payment (Postpaid Mobile Bill, Mobile Banking Account to Mobile Top Up)

f.         MetLife Alico Insurance Premium Payment

g.        View registration

h.        Account summary


General Web user can do the following activities

a.        Deposit process

b.        Withdrawal process

c.        Fund Transfer

d.        Utility Payment (Postpaid Mobile Bill, Mobile Banking Account to Mobile Top Up)

e.        View registration

f.         Account summary