Barakat Hajj Deposit Scheme

Hajj is one of the most fundamental bases of Islam. However, because of the existing socio-economic condition in the country, the religious Muslims cannot arrange the required amount of money at a time to perform Hajj. Thus their desire of performing Hajj is never achieved. They find it difficult to gather the required amount to perform Hajj as there is no such systematic way of saving the money. To assist our Muslim brothers Trust Bank Limited has, therefore, introduced "Mudaraba Hajj Savings Scheme" so that persons eager to perform holy Hajj may build-up savings through the said scheme.

  • This deposit product is guided by the Mudaraba principles of Islamic Shariah.
  • All Govt. Taxes, VAT, Excise duty etc imposed by the regulatory bodies time to time are applicable on MHSA.
  • Profit shall be disbursed over the deposit on the basis of daily balance by giving the weight age fixed by the bank.
  • Persons eager to perform Hajj within the period of one to twenty five years may build-up savings to perform Hajj by depositing monthly installment.
  • Present Provisional Profit rate for BHDS is 8.00% p.a.