Loan Against Pension Benefit for Defence Personnel (Other than Officers)

To meet personal financial fund requirements.


  • Loan Limit: 

Category / Rank

Loan Limit

JCO (Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer)

BDT 15 Lac

NCO (Corporal to Sergeant)

BDT 10 Lac

Sainik to Lance Corporal

BDT   7 Lac

  • Tenure: Maximum up to 10 years;
  • Rate of Interest: 8.75% p.a. (Rate may change, when required by management);
  • Processing Fee: nill;
  • Security: Pension / Other end service entitled benefits of the concerned borrower(s) will remain lien in favor of the Bank.


In service Defence Personnel (other than Officers) who have attained pensionable service / who have completed 10 (Ten) years of service (whichever comes earlier) will be eligible for being the applicant for the loan facility under the scheme.