Mudaraba Savings Account

Mudaraba is an investment contract where one party provides the capital for investment and the other party using skill and experience does the investment. Here the investor/mudarib has no direct participation in the business. On the other hand the owner of the capital does not participate in the activities of the business and acts only as the supplier of cash/capital. In case of deposit Mudaraba, the depositor, acts as the capital supplier of the investment and the Bank acts as the investor/mudarib.


  • Bank pays attractive profit.
  • Personalized MICR Cheque Book is available
  • Nominal service charge
  • Any branch banking facility
  • Bank accepts and supports Standing Instructions.
  • Nomination facility is available to nominate beneficiary for account proceeds
  • Profit is payable on yearly basis currently 65% (Depositor) 35% (Bank)
  • Present Provisional Profit rate for MSA is 4.00% p.a.


  • Resident Bangladeshi National
  • Age: 18 years or above.
  • Joint account can be opened.
  • Minor account can be opened under the supervision of his / her / their guardian.

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport / Voter I.D. Card / National I.D. Card / Driving License.
  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer.Certified document(s) for source of income.
  • The account requires to be introduced by an existing and satisfactory account holder of Trust Bank Limited.
  • Nominee form and photograph of nominee(s) (signature attested by the account holder). In case of minor nominee, copy of the birth certificate and photograph required.
  • Personal Information Form.
  • KYC Form.

Rates & Charges

  •    Incidental Charge: No Charge
  • Service Charge : No Charge
  • Account Maintenance Fee:
    • No Charge for Balance less than or equal to Tk. 5000
    • Tk. 100 Half Yearly for Balance less than or equal to Tk. 25000
    • Tk. 300 Half yearly for Balance greater than Tk. 25000
  • Standing instruction: Tk. 200.00 per instance excluding DPS & Loan  Installment Payment. No charge for Defence Personnel and TBL employees 
  • Account Closing Charge : Tk. 200 Per Account
  • Solvency Certificate: Tk. 500.00 per instance. No charge for Defence Personnel and TBL employees  
  • Issue of Cheque Book (MICR): Tk.  3 Per Leaf
  • Account Statement:
    • No Charge (Half Yearly & Yearly) for One Time 
    • Subsequestly, Per Page Tk. 25 & Minimum Tk. 100 
  • Online Transactions - free of service charge.
  • Activation Charge for Dormant A/C: Tk. 100 Per Account