Enlistment Notice


1.   Category of Enlistment :

          Category-A: Furniture and Fixtures.

          Category-B: IT Equipments, Software etc.

          Category-C: Technological Security and Communication Devices, such as CCTV, Access Control, Intelligent Security System, ATM, CDM, POS, Note Counting Machine, Fake Note Detector etc.

          Category-D: Electrical/Electronic Equipments/Goods, such as, TV, Projector, Fridge/kitchen appliances etc.

          Category-E: Office Supplies, Stationeries and Printing; such as PPC machine, Fax, land telephones, all kinds of stationeries and printings.

          Category-F: Large Electrical/Electronic Equipments; such as, Generator, UPS, IPS, Sub-station, Battery including repair.

          Category-G: Light Vehicles including motor cycle/bi-cycle etc.

          Category-H: Interior Decoration.

          Category-I: Intellectual/Consulting Firms.

          Category-J: Event Management.

          Category- K: All other, not categorized under any category.


2.   Download the following forms-

          i) Application Form – A (for the category of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J & K).

         ii) Application Form – B (for the category of ‘H’ only).

         iii) Application Form – C (for the category of ‘I’ only).


3.   Pay order (application form fee) of each category to be attached separately during submission of applications.

4.    Please follow the instructions mentioned at Enlistment Notice and General Instructions.