Personal Loan

We have so many needs, some are attainable with our means & standing and some are unattainable. The unattainable needs can be met by TBL. "Personal Loan'



  • House Renovation
  • Furniture
  • Purchase of Personal Computers / Electronics
  • Travel expenses
  • Marriage expenses
  • Medical / Treatment
  • CNG Conversion / Vehicle repair
  • To meet any other emergency financial needs

Loan Limit: BDT .50 Lac - BDT 20 Lac
Interest Rate: 13.00%

Tenor: 1 year – 5 Years

Minimum Down Payment: 50%


Salaried Executives, Businessperson,  & Self employed professionals (Landlord/ Landlady, Architect, Engineer, Consultant etc.).
Age: Min. 22 years at the time of Application
Max. 63 years or Up to retirement age (whichever is Lower) at the end of Loan Tenure

Salaried Executives:

i) For Salaried Executives (other than Government)

Minimum 3 years of Total & uninterrupted Service Experience at reputed organizations and must be a permanent & confirmed employee at the time of application.

  • Minimum 1 year of Service Experience as a permanent employee with the same reputed organization & must be a Confirmed employee on the date of Loan Application.

 ii) For Govt. Employees: Minimum one year from the date of Joining

Minimum 3 years of proven business experience in the same nature of business
Doctor, Engineer & Other Self Employed Professionals:

Minimum 3 years of proven experience in the same field of expertise


Contact No.

Call: 01755538313, 01755540564, 01755540565 (For Dhaka)

Call: 01730376189 (For Chittagong)