Qard Scheme

Islam differentiates between Loan & Investment. Islam allows loan as a form of social service among the rich to help those who are in need of financial assistance. Islam does not allow or recognize any loan that draws benefit to the debtor. Such Qard or Loan is very common in human history for long among peers, friends and relatives – but practice in the formal sector like banking; it is relatively new only in the Islamic banks.


The Qard facility is available against TBL Al-wadia and TBL-Mudaraba Term deposits on request of the beneficiaries in the form of Qard Card or Qard Facility through cheque. The salient features of the concept & scheme are as follows.


  • Confirmed Service Holder, established Businessmen & Professionals for New & Reconditioned Car, Microbus & Jeep.
  • Corporate bodies for New & Reconditioned Microbus, Minibus, Pick-up Van, Truck & Jeep