Service Quality

Quality of Service is one of the most vital gears for any business organization in the present day. It also indicates the focus area & views of the organization. That is why, for any customer oriented organization, the first priority should be given to the Service area in order to sustain the long term business growth and to accomplish the mission of the organization successfully.  

In course of time, the expectations of customers have been changed widely. In Trust Bank, we sincerely honor the demands and expectations of all existing & potential customers. On a Journey towards Quality, Trust Bank Limited launched a Uniformed and International Standard Service Quality Guideline for all of its employees in September, 2011. Maximum focus is now given to Speed, Accuracy and Compliance to ensure Fast, Friendly and error free Services to the customers.  

We are committed to move on with Continuous Improvement of this Journey towards a Quality and to serve our customers with maximum priority & loyalty.