Trust Porua

Our dedication to inclusive banking regardless of income or age bar is reflected in this account for school children. This special Saving Account is committed to school going children. It is an endeavor to introduce young children to formal banking process and build awareness of formal financial sector since young age that will break traditional mindset of depending on informal financial sources as these youngsters grow up to participate and contribute in the economy.

  • Only for school children
  • Minimum Opening Balance Tk. 100/-
  • Parent/ Legal Guardian will operate the Account
  • No service charge or maintenance fees
  • Free debit card
  • Free internet, SMS, phone banking
  • Special discount facilities
  • Special DPS facility “Trust Jhinuk
  • Transaction alert will be sent through SMS to parent/legal guardian
  • The a/c will be closed or transformed into saving a/c when the minor reaches 18 years  
  • Bangladeshi nationals of age between 6 years to 18 years
  • School going children