Vermin Compost Loan

To process organic fertilizer for cultivation.

Loan for Vermin Compost

Purpose of the loan

To process organic fertilizer for cultivation

Type of Facility

Term Loan


Maximum 48 Months with 3 Month Moratorium period

Age Limit

Minimum-  25 years
Maximum- 55 years

Loan Amount

  • Vermin compost fertilizer production including 2(Two) cows – Tk. 2.90 Lac
  • Only purchase of 2(Two) cows – Tk. 2.00 Lac
  • Only produce vermin compost fertilizer – Tk. 0.90 Lac

Setup house

Purchase of Vermin (3 kg)

Set up Shed



Tk. 0.30 Lac

Tk. 0.10 Lac

Tk. 0.49 Lac

Tk. 0.010 Lac

Tk. 0.90 Lac


Interest Rate

9% p.a. with quarterly rest ( if refinance from Bangladesh Bank is available) otherwise advised by Head Office.





  • Proprietorship/ Partnership/ PVT LTD Co.
  • 2 (Two) Years of Experience in processing vermin compost
  • Valid & Updated  Trade License
  • National ID
  • Bank A/C to be opened
  • Company Seal
  • Photograph
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Updated CIB
  • Collateral Security (if Req.)
  • Any other Documents (if Req.)