Trust Bank Shariah Supervisory Committee

Shariah Supervisory Committeeof the Bank is playing a vital role in guiding and supervising the implementation and compliance of Islamic Shariah principles in all activities of the Bank since its very inception. The Committee, which enjoys a high status in the structure of the Bank, consists of prominent Mohaddes, Alem-Ulema, Mufti, reputed banker, renowned lawyer and eminent economist.

Aims and Objectives

  • To establish a welfare-oriented banking system.
  • To establish interest-free banking.
  • To encourage different types of investment sectors e.g. agriculture, industry, real estate, self-employment to
    improve over all socio-economic condition incompliance with Sharia.
  • To participate & co-operate actively in the human resource development and create awareness about Islamic
    Principles and values.


Members of the Trust Bank Shariah Supervisory Committee

Trust Bank  Shariah Supervisory Committee consists of the following members:

SL Name of the Member Brief Profile Status

Janab Mufti Dr. Muhammad Abdullah

Hafeze Quran,Dawra-E-Hadith (Title. M.A), Ifta(Mufti), Mufasser-E-Quran(Tafsir) PHD (Islamic Thesis) & Principal, Al-Arafa Momtaj-Ul-Ulama Madrasha, Khatib, Tati Bazar Jam-E-Mosque 


Janab Mufti Mujibur Rahman

Dawra-E-Hadith, Mufti
Muhaddis, Jamul-Ul- Quran Madrasha


Janab Prof. Mowlana Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam Barakaty

  Hafeze Quran,Dawra-E-Hadith
--Director: South East University, Banani, Dhaka.
--Director, Al-Qur’an Research Center, Bangladesh.
--Coordinator and Presenter-Islamic Program, ATN  Bangla & Channel- I.
--Head Mohaddish-Rahmati Alam Islam Mission Alia Madrasha, Tejgaon, Dhaka.
--Member Shariah Supervisory Committee, EXIM Bank Ltd.
--Member Shariah Supervisory Committee, Jamuna Bank Ltd.
--Chairman Shariah Supervisory Committee, Prime Bank Ltd.
--Speaker-BTV, ATN & Bangladesh Betar.


Janab Md. Mahmudul Haque

Kamil (Hadith), B A Hons, M.A (Islamic Studies)
Religious Teacher & Khatib
Army Central Mosque

05 Managing Director & CEO Ex-Officio from Trust Bank Limited Member [Ex-Officio]
06 Deputy Managing Director  Ex-Officio from Trust Bank Limited Member [Ex-Officio]
07 Head of Islamic Banking Ex-Officio from Trust Bank Limited Member [Ex-Officio]