Trust Muldhan


Trust Muldhan: Loan for Shopkeeper & Loan for Traders

Customer Segment

Any Bangladeshi businessman having a proprietorship firm or engaged in partnership business or private limited company, successfully operating business in urban/rural area and who has the means and capacity to repay bank loan. For Small enterpriseLoan for Shopkeeper and for Medium enterprise – Loan for Traders.

Purpose of the loan

To meet up working capital requirement
For expansion of existing business (Repair & Renovation, New Outlet & Building, additional stocks).

Type of Facility

OD, Term Loan, time Loan, L/C and TR but aggregate exposure not exceeding the loan size.


Maximum 48 Months with 6 Month Moratorium period


Age Limit

Minimum- 25 years
Maximum- 60 years


Loan Amount

Loan for Shopkeeper
Min: Tk. 2.00 Lac
Max: Tk. 50.00 Lac

Loan for Traders
Min:  Tk. 50.01 Lac
Max: Tk. 500.00 Lac

Interest Rate

As per Head Office advised from time to time.

Security/ Collateral

No Mortgage up to Tk. 10.00 Lac


  • Proprietorship/ Partnership/ PVT LTD Co.
  • 2 (Two) Years Experience


Required Documents

  • Valid & Updated  Trade License
  • National ID
  • Bank Statement
  • Company Seal
  • Photograph
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Updated CIB
  • Hypothecation of Stock, receivables, Machinery, etc.
  • Collateral Security (if Req.)
  • Any other Documents (if Req.)
How to Apply