Trust Pothokoli

As another step closer to the unbanked and unserved, TBL brings you Trust Pothokoli- an account for under privileged street children.  It is a saving account dedicated to encompass the segment of the youngsters that are left behind in the race of life due to poverty and social prejudice. We believe in breaking access barrier and bring very segment of the society to formal banking system. Pothokoli is our small attempt to extend safe guard the savings of these underprivileged children and assist them in designing their future as they grow…

Features & Benefits

  • Opening balance BDT. 10/-only
  • Free cheque book and no account maintenance fee
  • No minimum balance fee or account closing fee
  • Since it is a minor account, designated personnel from authorized NGO will operate on be half
  • Quarterly account statement without charge
  • The account will be closed upon the account holder reaching age 18
  • Interest Rate: 5.00%


  • Street children/working children under age limit of 18 yrs
  • Birth Certificate to be provided by Authorized NGO


  • Interested NGO will apply through TBL to the “Green Banking & CSR Department” of Bangladesh Bank to enlist in Bangladesh Bank’s list.
  • After receiving approval from Bangladesh Bank, the corresponding NGO and TBL will sign a bilateral agreement regarding opening of these accounts. 

Just fill in our Account Opening Form (available at any branch), and submit the required documents. *The Bank reserves the right to request further documentation on a case-to-case basis.