Trust Student File

Good education is directly related to future career progression and development. So everyone wants to ensure a better future and hence students across the country are opting for studying abroad. Different banks in the country have captured this opportunity by introducing different products for students studying outside the country.
Product features


Any student interested to go abroad for studies  apply (study criterion is described in FE circular(F. E Circular: 11, No: 5)

Purpose not allowed

Language, diploma, separate foundation course is not allowed


AD branches in Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet

Target customers

Interested Students going abroad for studies 


  • File opening fees (non-SAARC countries): TK.5,000+ 15% VAT
  • File renewal fees (non-SAARC countries): Tk. 2,000+ 15% VAT
  • File opening fees (SAARC countries): Tk. 5,000+ 15% VAT
  • File renewal fees (SAARC countries): Tk 1,000 + 15% VAT
  • FTT Charge up to TO 5 LAC TK. 1,725.00(COMM- 750+SWIFT- 750+VAT 225)
  • FTT Charge above 5 LAC ( COMM- .15%+SWIFT- 750+ 15% VAT ON COMM& SWIFT)

Required documents

In case of new files :(FE Circular-11 No: 10(A)
Following documents are required to be submitted by the student with attested photocopies:

  • Account information
  • TBL application form
  • Original letter from overseas institution with acceptance of admission / registration/ I-20 for USA institution need to be accompanied
  • Details of annual expenses (tuition and living) from respective institution
  • Original academic certificates (SSC, HSC, O & A level, diploma, graduation, post graduation)
  • Valid passport
  • Refund policy (from institution)
  • Pre-visa declaration for Australian institution

In case of subsequent term(s) payment:(FE Circular-11 No: 10(F)

  • Certificate/ record from institution on continuation of studies
  • Progress report / transcript
  • Revised expense estimate for next academic year

Account Relationship

Account relationship is mandatory to open a student file. Account can be opened in single name of the financer/ joint name- Financer & Student (any One can operate) for debiting the remittance.

Tenure of a file

Once a student file is opened, that file stays with that bank, which means, for progressive semesters, the file will be operated from that bank. In case of genuine exceptions, where the customer has to move the account in another bank, then transfer will take place between banks.

Payment procedure

File opening or renewal fees will be debited from Financer’s or Joint A/C holder’s account.
In case of issuing foreign exchange, regular TT/DD process will follow.