Western Union

You can now transfer money conveniently and in real-time to Bangladesh within minutes via the Western Union Money Transfer Service available at all Trust Bank branches in Bangladesh. Money may be remitted via any of the Western Union service providers located in over 200 countries worldwide. This service is available to all! You do not need to have a Trust  Bank Account to avail this service.

Western Union is a world leader in the money transfer business with global presence and international recognition.

Service Available

  •   Receiving of all inbound remittances from any Western Union agent in the world
  •   No charges to paid by the beneficiary.

How to Apply

Receiving Money
Simply follow the following steps at any Trust Bank branch to receive the money remitted in your name

  • Fill & sign a simple Remittance Payment Slip (available at all branches)
    • Provide the Western Union MTCN Number (Money Transfer Control Number given by the sender / remitter)
  • Carry your original and a photocopy of an identification document (CNIC / Passport / NICOP)
  • Receive remittance amount and sign receipt

Sending Money to Bangladesh

  • Visit any Western Union Service provider in your area and follow the required process and procedure of the service provider.
  • Provide the MTCN number to the beneficiary (receiver) of the remittance in Bangladesh. They can collect the remittance from any Trust Bank branch in Bangladesh.