Cluster Financing

CMSME sector works as a catalyst and plays a crucial role to transform Bangladesh into an industrially advanced country. Cluster financing in CMSME sectors is a renowned thought for upholding economic advancement and sustainability. In Bangladesh, SMEs remain out-of-the-way, which means they have to face different challenges individually and their demands remain unmet. Cluster Financing will relief the CMSMEs to build their capacity to respond strongly to competitive stress and mobilize different supporting functions.

The Clusters are characterized by a large number of CMSMEs (minimum 50 similar industries/enterprises) involved in manufacturing or service sectors and located within the radius of 05 (five) kilometer.

High Priority Sectors under Clusters:

  1. Agro/Food processing and Agricultural Tools Manufacturing Industry;
  2. Ready Made Garments (RMG), Knitwear, Design & Personal Wear Industry;
  3. ICT Clusters;
  4. Leather & Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry;
  5. Light Engineering Industry;
  6. Jute & Jute Products Industry;


Priority Sectors under Clusters:

  1. Plastic Industry & Other Synthetics Industry;
  2. Tours & Travel Sectors;
  3. Home Textile Industry;
  4. Renewable Energy (Solar Power);
  5. Automobile Manufacturing & Repairing Industry;
  6. Handloom & Handicrafts Sectors;
  7. Energy Efficient Equipment Production Industry;
  8. Jewelry Industry;
  9. Toy Industry;
  10. Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry;
  11. Aromatic (Agar) Industry;
  12. Furniture Industry;
  13. Mobile/Computer/Television Servicing Sectors;


Other Clusters:


Clusters other than the clusters in the above list identified by the bank will be considered as Other Cluster.

  • Term Loan and Working Capital Facilities;
  • Access to get finance under all existing TBL CMSME products;
  • Access to get loan facilities under Bangladesh Bank refinance schemes;
  • Any Bangladeshi citizens;
  • Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership/ Private Limited Company;
  • The business initiative must fall under the CMSME category;
  • The business must be engaged in manufacturing or service sector;
  • Business must be located in an area where minimum 50 similar business is performing within 5 (five) Kilometer radius;
  • The entrepreneurs shall be a member of the Association (if available) in the Cluster;
  • Businessmen having minimum 1 (one) month training in his/her respective field from any Government or renowned Non-Government Institutions will get priority;
  • Woman entrepreneurs & business owners with special needs of respective clusters will get priority;