Trust Power

‘Trust Bank’ as a part of its ‘financial inclusion’ program has a wide range of products and services for different segment of people under its ‘conventional’ banking operations. However, till now the Islamic banking operations of the bank is mainly focused on corporate & retail sector and now like to expand its investment exposures in the SME & Agro sectors.

IBD, accordingly has taken an initiative to develop & introduce SME products under Islamic mode and now like to introduce a product to bring rural & urban people under coverage of solar electricity, solar irrigation system to encourage the use of renewable energy or green energy. Bangladesh Bank has already earmarked the sector as a priority sector and introduced refinance facility to encourage the investments in this segment. The product will also contribute in achieving budgetary target of the bank set by Bangladesh Bank for Agro & Green Banking.

In view of the above, Islamic Banking Division has designed a new product named “Trust Power” to facilitate investments in the small scale commercial & household solar energy system with option for subsequent investment in larger project viz. irrigation etc.