Welcome to Trust Money App

Trust Money is a safe and secure Apps from Trust Bank, with 50+ features and services satisfying more than just banking needs. It is a convenient way to access account, transfer funds, pay bills,more such exciting features on the go. Simply follow these steps to onboard and get started with Trust Money.

Download the Trust Money App
1. Download the Trust Money App

Search “Trust-Money” through Apple Store or Google Play for downloading or Scan below QR code for App Store or Play Store.

Trust Money App Google Play Download (Android User)

Trust Money App Store Download (Apple User)

2. Registration

Please ensure the following are at hand before you proceed:
• Your Account Number.
• Your Credit Card Details (Number, Expiry Date)
• Your registered mobile number and e-mail ID
• Mobile phone with the number registered with the bank to receive OTP
(If your contact details have not been updated, please visit your nearest branch to update these KYC details before you register for Trust-Money mobile banking services.)

Trust Money Apps User Manual Download