Household Durables & Others Scheme

“Household Durables & others Scheme” (HDOS) is Shariah compliant investment product designed to offer investment facility to the different segment of peoples to meet their different household & other requirements.

This scheme is designed on the Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM) concept of Islamic Banking.

  • Customer Segment:
  • Employees of listed multinational, corporate & UN bodies, Bank / Financial Institutions, educational institution, NGO & Government Officials.
  • Self employed (Land Lord), professionals and Businessman maintaining A/c with other bank.
  • Age Limit: Minimum 25 years and Maximum 65 years
  • Maximum Investment Size: 
  • Tk. 0.50 million for Household Durables like Fridge, TV, Furniture & Fixure, Washing Machine, Air Cooler and IPS
  • Tk. 2.00 million for others like Generator (up to 50 KVA), Passenger List, Solar System.
  • Equity Participation:
  • Bank 30%, Client 70% for Household Durables item.
  • Bank 70%, Client 30% for Others item like Generator, passenger Lift & Solar System.
  • Tenor: Minimum 12 months>6 months
  • Household durables like: Fridge, TV Furniture & Fixture, Washing machine, Air Cooler & IPS.ike: Generator (up to 50 KVA), Passenger lift, Solar System.