Trust Nibash

Owning a home is one of life’s most important achievements for all human being. It provides the all important security, safety and comfort for one’s mind. A house, now a day, is not only for dwelling alone but also a source of earning for livelihood when it generates rental income. So it has a commercial use & value. In today’s costly environment, it may take lifetime to own/built a house by one’s own savings and it is particularly difficult for low & fixed income segment of the society.

On the other hand, demand for rental of small dwellings has increased manifold to accommodate the industrial workers and other low-income segment of the society. This is particularly visible in the areas near industrial hubs and also around cantonments.

A person having land at the above mentioned locations can easily increase his/her income level by making semi-pucca small dwelling houses for rental purpose. As a part of inclusive banking and also to facilitate the actual need of low-income segment of the populace TBL-IBD developed this product which will act as an income generating activity on the part of land-owner and increase availability of rental houses for the low-income segment of the society. This is a commercial house building investment product under Islamic banking mode.