Household Durables & Others Scheme

“Household Durables & others Scheme” (HDOS) is Shariah compliant investment product designed to offer investment facility to the different segment of peoples to meet their different household & other requirements.

This scheme is designed on the Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM) concept of Islamic Banking.


Customer Segment:

  • Employees of listed multinational, corporate & UN bodies, Bank / Financial Institutions, educational institution, NGO & Government Officials.
  • Self employed (Land Lord), professionals and Businessman maintaining A/c with other bank.

Purpose: For purchasing house hold items for personal/ family use.

Age Limit: Minimum 25 years and Maximum 65 years

Minimum Income of the Applicant: Tk. 40,000.00

 Investment Size: 

  • Minimum Tk. 100,000.00 & Maximum Tk. 500,0000
  • [Household Durables like Fridge, TV, Furniture & Fixture, washing Machine, Air Cooler and IPS]

Equity Participation: Bank 30%, Client 70%

Tenor:12-36 months

Debt Burden Ratio (DBR %):Debt Burden Ratio (DBR): shall be 40% of Net Monthly Income.


First Repayment Date: Generally, one month after the date of customer’s availing of the investment or erection of the asset item. May be earlier if customer wants.


  1. Photograph of applicant & guarantors.
  2. Business card of the customer & guarantor if available
  3. Salary certificate
  4. Photocopy of TIN Certificate.
  5. Bank Account Statement of Last Six months.
  6. Photocopy of Passport/ Driving License/ Ward/ Voter ID card/ commissioner Certificate, Telephone (T&T) Bill if any.