Defense Personnel Mudaraba Salary Account (DPMSA)

This is a Mudaraba Salary Account for Defence personnel designed under Mudaraba principles of Islamic Shariah. Here Bank is 'Mudarib' and customers are 'Shahib Al-Mal'. On behalf of depositors, the Bank invests their deposited money and distributes investment-income earned from the Mudaraba funds. Provisional profit is paid half yearly and final profit rate is adjusted at the year end.

All active service holders of Defence Services (JCOs & ORs) and civil staffs enrolled by the Ministry of Defence having valid Office ID.

•    Copy of National ID/Passport/Proof of Citizenship etc. of A/C Holder and Nominee.
•    03 passport size photographs of each Signatory duly attested by the introducer.
•    01 passport size photograph of nominee duly attested by the account holder.
•    Source of income document (Employee ID card copy).
•    Introduction of the account.