Lounge Key

Trust Bank is constantly enriching its credit card products by different service benefits. In line with this, as a complementary service of TBL VISA Signature and Platinum cards, Priority Pass cards were issued for have free access (2/4 visits) to international air lounge. We have launched 'Lounge Key' service from 25th January, 2023. Cardholders can gain access to a lounge by simply presenting their TBL Signature/Platinum Credit Card instead of requiring to carry an additional Priority Pass. 

Key Benefits of migrating to lounge key are as below:

  1. Provides lounge access to cardholders directly with their TBL Card without requiring priority pass.
  2. While travelling customers must carry TBL card. Hence, TBL Credit card will be at top of wallet whenever our cardholders travel.
  3. This will increase Credit card usage amongst travelers, driving international spends at POS. Eventually, Outstanding amount will go up.
  4. No need to procure, emboss and deliver the Priority Pass membership cards, which saves time and money.
  5. Each time of lounge use, Card will be electronically checked by pre-auth and only active cards will be allowed for lounge access.

Key features of Lounge Key are as follows:

  1. Customer Eligibility & Enrollment: All active Primary Visa Signature/ Platinum Credit Cardholders of TBL will become eligible for this facility and have automatic enrollment to the program immediately.
  2. Entry to participating lounges: Cardholders along with Guests are allowed entry at participating lounges by showing their valid TBL Visa Signature/ Platinum Credit Card and boarding pass. They do not need to carry any additional membership card.
  3. Customer Support: Through dedicated website & App, customers can access Lounge Finder & Offer Finder to plan their next Airport Visits. Also, they can view visit entitlements as well as visit history.
  4. Complimentary Access Entitlement: Complimentary Access will remain similar to the Priority Pass program. The first four or two lounge visits in a calendar year are complimentary with VISA Signature and Platinum card respectively. Any accompanying guest visits will also be counted into these complimentary visits. Any subsequent visit or additional guests will be charged USD 27 per visit per person. Only Primary Cardholders can avail the complimentary visits along with guests which may include his/her supplementary/s. However, for any supplementary cardholder visiting alone, visit fees will be charged to the primary card account.