Trust Bank Mudaraba Cash Waqf Scheme (TBMCWS)

Cash Waqfs gives the opportunity to the less wealthy Muslims who are not in a position to create real-estate Waqf can now create cash-waqf and earn reward from the Almighty.

To implement your noble desire, this Account may create cash waqf at a time or may start with a minimum of Tk. 1,000/- (Taka one thousand only). Profit of this account is utilized for social and human welfare as per instruction of the account holders.

The principal amount of CW will remain intact and only the profit amount will be spent for the purpose(s) specified by the waqif

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Provisional Monthly Return

Tk.1.00 Thousand

6.25/ month (before tax)

Any Individual with age of 18 years with sound mind/ Institution can open the account.

  • Passport size photographs of account holder.
  • Identification proof like National ID Card/Passport/Chairman certificate etc.>
  • If the waqif is an institution (partnership or Joint-stock company), proper authorization in the form resolution & provision in MoA&A is required.