Trust Kotipoti

This is a chance for you to transform your dream of becoming Kotipoti into a reality. This scheme will magically turn your monthly deposit of small amount over a period of time in to 1 Crore. It is specially suited for parents who have already started planning and saving for their childrens’ future.This can be a very attractive pension plan for individuals small savings while earning and become a Kotipoti on retirement!

The Installment Size, term & Future Value will be as per the below table

Years Interest rate Installment Maturity Value
5 8.25% 135,000 1 Crore
7 88,200
10 53,800
12 40,900
15 28,300
18 20,300
20 16,500

** Any benefit from the above schemes under purview of income tax or any other levy as decided by the Government of Bangladesh.

  • Choice of term: 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, 18 years or 20 years respectively
  • To open this account, the applicant must have a Current/Saving Account with Trust Bank for auto debit facility
  • If 3 consecutive installment payments are missed, then the scheme will be cancelled
  • OD / loan facility of 90% of the deposited principal after 6 months of the scheme, but minimum amount must not be less than Tk. 50,000/-.
  • Bangladeshi citizen with valid identification document
  • The account can be opened in the name of an individual only
  • Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport / Voter I.D. Card / National I.D. Card / Driving License.
  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer.Certified document(s) for source of income.
  • The account requires to be introduced by an existing and satisfactory account holder of Trust Bank Limited.
  • Nominee form and photograph of nominee(s) (signature attested by the account holder). In case of minor nominee, copy of the birth certificate and photograph required.
  • Personal Information Form.
  • KYC Form.