Mudaraba Seniors Deposit Account [MSDA]

'Mudaraba Seniors Deposit Account' is a savings account designed for the Senior Citizens under Mudaraba Principal of Islamic Shariah. The life expectancy of the people of Bangladesh has reached to 72 years as per UN World Population Prospects 2019. After a long, busy life spent for career, family and the society. the senior citizen deserves some priority at the end part of the life. They expect smooth financial services with handsome earning for their savings. To meet their expectation and to make financial transaction easier & beneficial for them, Trust Islamic Banking (TIB) has designed the product.

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  • Targeted Segment :Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above
  • Opening Balance: BDT 1000/― only

  • First Cheque Book Free

  • Profit Rate:0.25% p.a. higher than the Mudaraba Savings Account provisional profit rate [may be changed from time to time as decided by ALCO] Profit will be credited on monthly basis Profit will be applied on monthly average balance.

  • Weightage:0.65 [May be revised from time to time]
  • Debit Card: Free
  • Account Maintenance Fee: As per Schedule of Charges applicable for Mudaraba Savings Account or as per Regulatory Guideline
  • Minimum Balance: BDT 500/―
  • Internet Banking: Free
  • SMS Banking: Free
  • Excise Duty: As per Government rules
  • TDS:As per Government rules
  • Statements: A/C statement, Tax certificate- Free
  • A/C Operation Mode: Singly or Jointly Operated; in case of Joint Account, if one member is aged less than 60 Years. then 1st Applicant will have to be the senior i.e. aged 60 years or above.
  • Account Opening Form: Existing Mudaraba Savings Account Opening Form will be used'

Account Closing:A/C can be closed at any time(closing Charge Applicable): Death of one applicant:2nd applicant, if Senior-Can continue (Must have the option - either or survivor) If 2ndapplicant is not Senior-Account will be converted to General Saving Account. In case of death of both Seniors-Account will be; automatically Closed. Nominee(s) will receive the money as per the nomination.

Investment Facility: Special profit rate for Retail Investments will be offered subject to fulfillment of required terms and conditions as per TBL policy.

  • Profit Rate: Profit Rate will be 0.50% lower than prevailing rate on all Retail Investment products.
  • Processing Fee: Processing Fee will be 50% waived on all Retail Investment Products

Additional Advantage:

  • Customized Visa Debit card to distinguished Seniors from other Account Holders
  • MSDA Debit Card Holders will receive all benefits under 'Trust Youniverse'.
  • Privileged service will be provided at Branch level'

Marketing Tools: Brochure and Direct Mail, Print Media, Radio Commercial, Tele Marketing etc.

  • Bangladeshi Citizen (sole or joint) in the age of 60 years and above
  • Account Type: Mudaraba Terrn DeposI Receipt(MTDR)/ Mudaraba Monthly Profit Scheme(MMPS)
  • Opening Balance: Minimum BDT 10,000/‐ for MTDR&BDT 100,000/― for MMPS

  • Profit Rate: Prevailing Provisional Profit Rate + 0.25%

  • Quard Facility against MTDR: The Account Holders can avail Quard facility against the MTDR only Tenor-Matched with MTDR Tenure