TIB Household Durables Scheme

TIB Household Durable Scheme is an investment is designed to facilitates Defense Officers to purchase different household items such as Motorcycle, Television, Refrigerator, Air – Conditioners, Washing Machine, Computers and other household furniture etc. for personal use. 

  • Customer Segment: Confirmed Defense Officers having 4 years of unexpired service with supporting cash flow to repay the investment installment.
  • Purpose: For purchasing house hold items for personal/family use.
  • Financing 80% of the cost of the item is allowed
  • Maximum age: Max in conformity with retired age (having one year of unexpired service length ahead of investment tenor).
  • Investment size: Tk. 5.00 Lac
  • Tenor: Max 36 months
  • Investment Burden Ratio (IBR %): 40% of Net Monthly Income.