Defense Personnel Special Investment (other than Officers) [DPSI]


To meet personal financial requirement for following purposes:

  1. To procure / build / construct / extend dwelling house
  2. To procure Household Durables for personal/family use. Items like: Motorcycle, LCD/ LED Television, Refrigerator, Air – Conditioners, Washing Machine, Computers and other household furniture etc.

Procurement of any other assets permissible under Islamic Shariah

Precondition for availing the facility:

For availing this facility, the borrower will have to adjust all other investment liability outstanding (if any) with TBL - Islamic / conventional. After expiry / adjustment of this facility, borrower may avail same or any other facilities designed for them.

Example-> A borrower is availing a RRDH facility of BDT 4.00 Lac with O/S of BDT 2.00 Lac. He has applied for this proposed loan/investment for BDT 10.00 Lac complying all eligibility criteria mentioned for the product. Head Office will approve BDT 10.00 Lac for the borrower and at the time of disbursement borrower will adjust the existing O/s balance of RRDH then transfer the rest amount to borrower’s salary/linked A/C.

Nature / Type of Investment:

It will be HPSM (term investment) exclusively & specially for the defence personnel (other than officers)

Amount of entitlement(Target Group, Loan Limit & Installment Size):

Maximum Limit:

  • Civil employees Equivalent to JCO Investment Limit BDT 10.00 Lac
  • Civil employees Equivalent of NCO BDT7.00 Lac
  • 4th class Civil employees [of BD Army salaried from Defense Budget] BDT 5.00

Tenor of the Investment: Maximum up to 10 year

Rate of Profit / Rent:

8.30% p.a. this rate will be reviewed as & when required by management. (0.25% to be kept as Risk Fund at the year end from the rent / profit income)

Note: The rate of rent is fixed @ 8.30% in Islamic mode which is equivalent to conventional interest rate @ 8.75% and installment size remains equal in both modes.

Risk Fund:

0.25% to be kept as Risk Fund at the year end from the Profit / Rent income by the Head office as per the “Guideline of Risk Fund” of TBL.

  • In service Defence Personnel (Other than Officers) of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy & Bangladesh Air Force who have attained pensionable service/who have completed 10 (Ten) years of service (whichever comes earlier) will be eligible for being the applicant for the investment facility under the scheme.
  • Salary Account must be maintained with TBL & auto debit instruction on salary account is to be furnished for loan repayment.