Islamic Banking Investment Products Profit/Rent Rate

Investment Product Name Profit Rate
1. Agriculture & Rural Finance:
Loan to Primary Products(Crops, Fisheries, Livestock, etc.) 9.14%
Loan to MFI's(Agriculture Financing) 9.14%
2. Term Loan to Large and Medium Scale Industry:
Export Oriented 10.14%
Others 10.14%
3. Term Loan to Small and Cottage Industry:
Cottage Industry 10.14%
Small Industry 10.14%
Others 10.14%
4. Working Capital to Industry:
A. Working Capital Loan to Large Industry and Medium Scale Industry
i. Export Oriented 10.14%
ii. Others 10.14%
B. Working Capital Loan to Small Industry 10.14%
5. Export Credit (PC/ECC/Bai-Salam) 9.14%
6. Commercial Lending:
Import Financing 10.14%
Others (Rice, Wheat, Edible Oil, Lentils,  Chick Peas, Onion, Dates and Sugar) 10.14%
7. Other Special Program (Stimulus Package/Special Fund & Other programs under Bangladesh Bank/Bangladesh Govt.) As per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines
8. Real Estate Financing:
Commercial 10.14%
Commercial Cum Residential 10.14%
Residential 10.14%
9. Quard:
Fully cash covered - withdrawal against MTDR & Scheme Deposit Products(Own Bank-TBL) As per Policy of Bank
10. Consumer Investment:

Home Investment:

Barakat Home Construction Scheme & Ihsan Apartment Purchase scheme:

i. Takeover - 9.00%

ii. TPA/QPA - 9.50%

iii. Mortgage - 9.00%


Barkat Car Scheme 10.14%=1.00% supervision change(once a year)
Barkat Doctors Scheme
All other unsecured Investment
Any Purpose Investment for TBL Employees under HPSM 8.00%
11. Investment to NBFI 10.14%
12. Investment to MFI's (other than Agriculture Investment) 10.14%
13. Investment (lease) Financing 10.14%
14. Others 10.14%