Barakat Car Scheme

Barakat Car Scheme is an investment facility to buy a car for personal use. It is based on Hire Purchase under Shirkatul-Melk concept of Islamic Shariah.

  • Brand new or Reconditioned
  • Private Car/ Station Wagon
  • Microbus (up to 9 seater)
  • Jeep
  • Pick-up Van/ Ambulance (for Corporate customer)
  • Minibus (above 9 seater & for Corporate customer)
  • Truck (for Corporate customer)
  • Confirmed Service Holder, established Businessmen & Professionals for New & Reconditioned Car, Microbus & Jeep.
  • Corporate bodies for New & Reconditioned Microbus, Minibus, Pick-up Van, Truck & Jeep.
  • Maximum Tk.40.00 lac for Individual retail customer.
  • For Corporate customer limit depends on credit analysis result.