Locker Service

Trust Bank

Locker service is available at the following branches:                                           

SL. Branch Region Address
1 Principal Branch Dhaka 98 Shaheed Sarani, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206

Shariah Supervisory Committee

Trust Bank
  • Prof. Mowlana Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam Barakaty

          Director, Southeast University


  • Mufti Mujibur Rahman

          Muhaddis, Jamul-Ul- Quran Madrasha, Dhaka


  • Maulana Md. Mahmudul Haque

          Khatib, Baitul Mamur Masjid, Uttara.


  • Mohammad Reyad Hossain

         VP & Head of IBD 

         Member Secretary

Trust Islamic Banking

Trust Bank

Name of the Islamic Banking Window


Principal Branch

Dhanmondi Corporate Branch

Gulshan Corporate Branch

Dilkusha Corporate Branch

Millennium Corporate Branch

Uttara Corporate Branch

Mirpur Branch

Karwan Bazar Branch


Bogra Cantonment Branch


Islamic Banking

Trust Bank

Islam demands all economic activities including banking should run in accordance with the Islamic Shariah i.e. prohibition ofinterest from all transactions and dealing in businesses that are allowed (halal) in shariah. Islamic Banking has potential for earthly returns (earning profit) as well as reward in the Divine world (benefit in hereafter) by abiding the instructions of the Almighty Allah.

Shariah Principals of Islamic Banking

Trust Bank


Al-Wadiah is a ‘safe keeping’ arrangement approved in shariah. Islamic Banks use the Al-Wadiah principles to receive deposits in Current Accounts. Islamic Banks obtain permission from the Al-Wadiah depositors to utilize the Funds at its own responsibility and the depositors would not share any profit or loss earned/incurred out of using of this funds by the bank. The Banks have to pay back the Al-Wadiah deposits received on demand of the depositors.