ENT Care Center & Hearing Care Center

They are specialized in the medical and surgical treatment of pediatric and adult ear, nose, and throat disorders, including allergies, sleep apnea and snoring, hearing and balance disorders, voice disorders, endoscopic sinus surgery, and head and neck surgery.


ENT Care Center & Hearing Care Center’ is offering All TBL Debit and Credit Cardholders & TBL Employees the following facilities:

For Out- Patient facility:

  • 40% discount on ENT consultation

  • 30% Discount on vertigo & balance specialist consultation

  • 20% Discount on Hearing Test

  • 20% Discount on Home Sleep Test

  • 20% Discount on speech therapy consultation & nutritionist consultation.

  • 10% Discount on Hearing Aid & other lab investigation.

Other Benefit:

  • Home Hearing Test

  • New Born hearing checkup

  • Corporate & Industrial Hearing health checkup

  • Pre-employment Hearing Health Checkup

  • Hearing Health package for corporate & individuals.




ENT Care Center & Hearing Care Center

Address: Sanmar Tower- 2, Level# 13, Road# 35, House# 38/A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka .
Website: http://entcarecenter.com.bd/

Contact Number: 01966005533